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Services Designed With Buyers And Sellers In Mind

At one time you would give a property owner your money and he would, in turn, give you a deed to the property you wished to purchase. That was all that was necessary. It was the epitome of simplified contract law in action: an offer was made, acceptance was given and the transfer of consideration took place (cash for deed).

Today, things are a lot more complicated. There are a host of local, state and federal laws that govern the way we buy and sell property. While they may seem cumbersome, the vast majority are in place to protect the rights of both buyers and sellers. Some exist to make sure lenders aren’t left without recourse in the event of default.

Regardless of the reason for their implementation, it is our responsibility to adhere to these laws or pay the consequences. It’s good to know you have someone who understands the specific requirements and can ensure that you comply. The professionals at Ector County Abstract & Title Company bring over 150 years of combined experience to every real estate closing transaction. Our job is to not only make sure each transaction meets the legal requirements but to also ensure that your rights as a buyer, seller and/or lender are protected.

Title Search / Lien Search

The only way to find potential problems or issues that could bring into question property ownership is through a comprehensive title search. No one in Ector County has the professional experience of Ector County Abstract & Title Company. our seasoned research experts review judgments, liens, tax records, utility assessments, and other related documents to gather the information necessary to ensure a trouble-free transfer.

Title Insurance

Ector County Abstract & Title Company issues both Owner’s Title Insurance and Lenders Title Insurance.

  • Owner’s Title Insurance finds and addresses problems before they become serious financial liabilities. Owner’s Title Insurance protects your interest in the event there is ever an issue or question regarding ownership of your property.
  • Lenders Title Insurance makes sure that the rights of the lender are protected. Lender’s title insurance guarantees that a valid and enforceable lien is in place on the property title and that the lender’s lien takes precedence over any other existing liens.

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