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Ector County Abstract & Title maintains a Sovereignty Abstract Plant. Ector County Abstract & Title is the definitive resource for abstracts of title.

An Abstract of Title is a written history of all the recorded documents and proceedings related to a specific property. Once a sale contract is authorized, the title company can then research all these recorded documents to produce a title free of all known encumbrances.

The Definitive Resource for Abstracts of Title

Ector County Abstract & Title’s Sovereignty Abstract Plant contains the chronological history of virtually every land record since written records were first kept. In other words, if a land record exists, we have it or have access to it. Our Sovereignty Abstract Plant provides services to companies nationwide in need of information, subscribing monthly to our service.
We also have the distinction of having the only history of all mineral ownership of the land in all of Eckhart County since the beginning of time. We have copies of the deeds and/or deed records for all oil and gas and mineral rights as well as transaction histories involving these rights.

The enormous scope of Deed records, public land records, abstracts and copies of titles that we possess is staggering. We actually have Title Books dating back to the 1800s. Our building was literally built around these records.

Mineral Owner Search & Title Search

What Do You Really Own?

It is important to remember that when you own land, what you truly own is the right to use that land in a specific fashion. This can be limited in scope by a legally binding contract agreed upon by both buyer and seller. Sometimes with a new purchase, these limitations aren’t immediately evident. This can create a host of problems, concerns, and confusion with regards to specific properties.  While you may have broad latitude in what you do on the land, there could be specific limits concerning what you’re allowed to do below the surface of the land. The owner might agree to lease the land for a parking lot but doesn’t want you to mine the oil that lies underneath. This is why we offer landman services. When it comes to ownership of land, there are 3 specific types of ownership.

There are actually three types of ownerships:

The Land / Surface Interest

This is the traditional type of land ownership of which we are most familiar. Typically, you buy a plot of land with the intent of building a house or commercial structure, or perhaps for agricultural purposes.

Mineral Interest (everything below the surface)

Remember The Beverly Hillbillies?  The true value wasn’t found in the surface land but rather in the oil beneath the surface. Ownership of the physical surface of the land and ownership of the mineral rights below the surface can be two completely distinct issues.

Leasehold Interest

It isn’t unusual for a landowner to agree to enter into a lease agreement allowing an individual to open up a parking lot on his property.

The professional staff of Ector County Abstract & Title Company has access to an amazing treasure trove of historical documentation, enabling us to provide an amazing amount of information concerning oil, gas, mineral rights, and other landman services. With so many abstracts, titles, deed, records, public land records, and more, we are uniquely situated to help you.

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